Selling Your Property

We Can Help You Sell Your Property in Los Angeles and Southern California

We are a property-selling company that buys and sells homes for cash in Los Angeles and the neighboring counties. We reach out to the investors in our database, and help you sell your property quickly with no commissions, fees, or hidden costs, as well as no repairs, cleaning, or inspections.
While it’s not always easy to sell a property quickly in the Los Angeles area, we know how to do it with our vast networking and experience. With us, you won’t have to deal with inspectors, showings, seller-requested repairs, home-staging, cleaning, as well as commissions, closing costs, and other fees. We’ll take care of everything for you! No Agent commissions, walk-throughs, open houses, uncertainty, or pricey repairs! We sell homes all across the Los Angeles area, CA, regardless of your reasons for selling:

  • Inherited property
  • Fed up of landlording
  • Unaffordable costly repairs
  • Lagging on finance
  • Hoarder homes
  • Planning for Relocation
  • Vacant homes
  • Seniors needing assisted living
  • Selling your old property for a new one
  • Separation or divorce

Purchasing Your Asset

How Does Passive Residential Real Estate Investing Work?

LHC partners with investors to purchase potential residential real estate properties that have been thoroughly evaluated to fulfill our strict investment criteria. As a result, our investment partners’ portfolios are less volatile, and they earn better risk-adjusted returns on their cash.

The Top 0.1 Percentage Of Transactions

In expanding major and secondary markets, we locate and buy premium value-adding residential buildings with strong nationally recognised anchor tenants. Our stringent criteria enable us to search through thousands of homes before selecting one that satisfies our stringent requirements.

Appreciation of Assets

Our in-house management staff has years of experience increasing property values and maximising investor profits. Our intended hold durations span from 1 to 7 years, after which we sell each property and repay capital as well as appreciation to our partners.

Cash Dissemination

Lantern Hill provides you with a chance to keep track of your funds to see where they are invested. You have two alternatives once the project is finished and sold:
1) Withdraw your capital as well as the profit from the project
2) Invest capital solely or capital plus profit in the next project to make additional money.
Purchasing a Land And Constructing Your Unique Dream Home
Building a custom home is a dream for many people, but before you can start building, you must first buy the land. Our suggestions on buying land for a house will help you streamline the process and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Every Aspect of the Home Being Built Can Be Customized

With Lantern Hill, everything can be customised, which is one of the most enticing aspects of having a family home custom-built. A home that is built-to-order means that everything from the home’s design and layout to the flooring, cabinetry, paint, lighting, and other features are tailored to the homeowner’s preferences.A person also enjoys the benefit of knowing that every component of the house is designed around what they and their family desire and need. This removes the potential of oddly shaped rooms, odd floorplans, or unusable places.We’re capable of handling the entire project to ensure the intended results are obtained. We also recommend you to bring a house checklist when you meet us, so that we know precisely what you need.

Newly Built Houses are more energy efficient.

When it comes to energy efficiency, new buildings almost always outperform older homes. The typical age of dwellings in the United States is 36 years, according to recent U.S. Census data. When a structure is older, it is more likely to have older windows and outdated appliances. All of this is a waste of energy.Homes built after the year 2000 typically use 21% less energy to heat the space than older homes. A homeowner can save money on energy costs by increasing the efficiency of their heating equipment and using the correct building materials.

Opportunity to Select a Location

Having a bespoke home built on land that the homeowner owns allows them to remain in the region they desire. On the other side, the individual may want to locate land with higher educational opportunities. It’s all up to them.Existing homes and speculative homes are constructed in regions where the buyer’s wants and needs are not taken into consideration. However, at Lantern Hill, we make sure to advise you on how to position the new home on the land or lot to maximise the amount of natural light. We also offer free site evaluations to prospective home purchasers, so that you make the most out of your investments.We provide homeowners with a say in every step of the construction process of their new home. This means, that with us, you invest in the materials and design that you desire. You can have faith in the transaction you are making with our team who is highly experienced and skillful.

Designed with a specific budget in mind

When purchasing an old property, you may be required to pay for items that you do not want or require. However, when you build a customized home, you have the option to decide where your money should be spent. Moreover, construction of a home can be done for a reasonable price. It is feasible to obtain the desired quality materials at a reasonable price, thanks to our pre-established ties in the local area. The pricing for our services is also totally clear. There are no hidden charges or unpleasant surprises, and you have the complete control over your investment.

The Buyer's Ability to Express Themselves

A custom home is essentially a blank canvas waiting to be filled with the new owners’ ideas. Individuals can design a home that reflects their style, personality, and taste when they engage with an architect and interior designer. For instance, if a person has a significant collection of art, we can erect massive gallery walls or install specialised lighting for them. For someone who enjoys drinking their coffee outside in the morning, we can help create a spacious deck with a covered area and durable outdoor seats.People are happy at home when they have a residence that matches their personality. It will also feel like their own personal space, built specially for them.Reviewing multiple possibilities might be difficult if you do not build your home from the ground up. Typically, this is due to the fact that no home exists that precisely matches all your preferences. For that, you might need to revamp a few areas. However, this will make some areas of your home quite different from the others, leading to low coherence. On the other hand, when you build anything from the ground up, you receive exactly what you desire – nothing more, nothing less.

Finding the Right Builder

Finding the right builder is one of the most important factors to consider when having a house built. It is vital to devote time and effort to locating the most qualified individual or firm for the job. A house buyer will get exactly what they want and are looking for if they choose the correct builder, such as Lantern Hill. Keep this in mind while having a house built, no matter where it is or how big it is.

Let Lantern Hills assist you in creating your bespoke dream house on this LHCer.