Our Products

Lantern Hills provides customized and pre-built cabinets, flooring, countertops, tiles, showers, sinks, windows, doors, and even appliances to beautify or revamp your home with a contemporary touch. Have a look at our high-quality products, selected or designed by our team of experts.

Custom-made and Pre-Built Cabinets

Elevate the elegance of your kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, closets, or bars with our creatively designed high-quality cabinets. We have a range of different styles and materials that you can pick from. Have a look below.


Modern style Cabinets

Classic style cabinets

Cabinet Hardware


We are offering a beautiful range of designer or branded countertops, below are our selections to look from:


Porcelain and Ceramic tiles


Flooring and Backsplash

Well-designed flooring and backsplash can transform your space from average to spectacular. Choose from our wide variety of luxurious flooring and backsplash to enhance the look of your rooms.

Porcelain, Mosaics:


Vinyl Floor And Architecture Wood Floor

Kitchen, Shower and Bathroom Faucets and Sinks

Have a look at our luxurious collection of faucets and sinks for reforming the look of your kitchen, shower, or bathroom.

Doors and Windows

Don’t miss out on doors and windows while revamping or constructing your home. They are the elements that can enhance beauty and set the first impression of your place.

Interior and Exterior Door Hardware

Doors can set the first impression of your property before your visitors. So, pick the best door hardware from our exclusive range of designs.


Ease your life and add a luxurious touch to your homes with top-quality appliances.